My Training Philosophy:

I am committed to helping dog
owners build strong, happy
relationships with their dogs! This
relationship is built on trust,
positive interaction, consistency,
patience and leadership. When
you are a strong, dependable and
non-confrontational leader your
dog will be relaxed with a strong
desire to please you. This can be
accomplished with positive
reinforcement - a fun and
rewarding way to train your dog.
Polite paws is proud to offer:

* In-home training
* Basic canine obedience training
* Behavioral modification
* House breaking
* Training for older dogs
* Private lessons
* Dog walking
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Polite Paws Dog Training
Welcome to Polite Paws! My name is Tina Otto and I am the owner and
trainer for Polite Paws Dog Training Incorporated.
I do not believe in using force or
harsh methods to get results.
The use of these methods can
actually cause aggression or
other unwanted behaviors.
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